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We are not a Fly By Night Business

It's true!  We have been in business 10 years now.   It has all been possible because of our fantastic clients! Helping these families and individuals maintain some semblance of order in today's madness we know as daily life has led to our success. Thank you to all of our clients

Considering that statistics say that 44% of businesses don't reach their 5th anniversary, Diana's House Cleaning of Portage la Prairie can stand proud.  This house cleaning service is a Locally Owned business; a Woman Owned business; a Community contributor business:  a Licensed and Insured business.  

I'm so happy to be able to order our new staff shirts and promotional items celebrating our 10th anniversary.  I can hardly wait for our materials and stock to come in.  Keep your eyes open for some upcoming specials to celebrate our milestone!

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