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Smart storage tips for a small kitchen

#1 Turn one shelf into two with wire shelf risers, so you can multiply vertical storage space.

#2 Give your pantry a supermarket makeover. Use the first in first out ,oldest front and new behind. Use up opened items first.  

#3 Tea bag organizer. Use an organizer basket to keep your flavour tea all together to make it neat and tidy, more accessible.

#4 Add drawers to deep cabinets. Use durable plastic bins to hold less used items and they are easy to slide out for use when needed.

#5 Kitchen wrap organizer.  You can get an organizer for your plastic wrap, tin foil, sandwhich bags etc to keep them in one place.

#6 Divide Kitchen tools.  Drawer dividers are not just for forks, knives and spoons adjust them for the larger, smaller or oddly shaped utensils.

#7 Store pans sideways. Put you baking sheets, cutting boards,and pots and pan sideway to make it neater and easier to see them.

#8 Food storage containers. Stack them in seperate sizes with the lids on its side beside them.

#9 Colour code. If you colour code your clothes, why not your dishes? When you open coupboard doors you can see the dishes you use most.

#10 Magnetic Knife bar. To clear up some  counter top space use a magnetic strip on the wall for knives and other metal utensils.

#11 Storage above your range.  Put cooking utensils, pots and everything you need at hand.

#12 Space beside fridge. If you have space beside your fride and  wall use a skinny shelf for canned goods .

#13 Utilize Baskets.  Easy to grab bins for goodies on the top shelf.

#14 Regain sink space. Get desk drawers to hang on the nearby counters for wet sponges and scrubbies.

#15 Hanging mason Jar shelf.Put tins and bins on top shelf then screw the lids to the mason jars on the bottom to hold nuts,seeds, and spices underneath.

#16 Forgotten space. On the side of your lower cupboards hang clunky heavy items that are annoying to store.

#17 Better bench. A breakfast nook bench takes up less space than chairs with storage underneath.

#18 Cabinet doors. Hang your most frequently used cooking utensil (measuring cups and spoons) on the inside cupboard door.


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