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By Hiring Diana's House Cleaning either on the phone, thru an in person walk through quote or through electronic booking, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

By Hiring Diana's House Cleaning either on the phone, thru an in person walk through quote or through electronic booking, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Deposits All One Time Cleanings, Move Out/In Cleanings and First Time Cleanings must have 50% of the estimate paid up front for a non-refundable deposit in order to be booked on the schedule. The deposit will be applied to the first scheduled cleaning. The minimum deposit required to book a cleaning is $100. The deposit can be used toward a rescheduled cleaning within 4 weeks of the original booking date. Advance notice of two business days must be given to reschedule. All rescheduled cleanings will be made subject to availability on our schedule. Lack of advance notice will turn the deposit into a cancellation fee, no exceptions.

Pest Hazards and Infestations We are unable to clean in homes that have infestations of ants, bats, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas or rodents. You agree that there has been no bed bug activity in your home in the last 12 months. We do not clean homes with rodent feces or rodent activity. If we send a team to your home and the discover signs of pest activity, we will immediately remove the team and charge you 50% of your cleaning fee for that day as well as any cost to decontaminate our equipment or vehicle up to the amount of $250. If you suspect that you have rodent or bed bug activity, don't book.

One Time/First Time Cleanings All One Time and First Time Cleanings will be billed on an hourly rate per labour hour. We will charge our hourly rate per person, per hour that is working. A Labour Hour is one (1) hour of labour performed by one (1) person. Therefor, a team of two (2) working for one (1) hour is 2 Labour Hours. The amount quoted is based on the number of Labour Hours estimated to complete the work. Should the team require more than the estimated time, we will call you for approval during the service at the number you provided at the time of booking. If the team requires additional time and we can't reach you at the number provided, we will assume all additional time is approved. If the team completes service is less than the budgeted time, you will only be charged for the actual time required to complete the job. We include the load and unload time in all billable time. If additional time is required and requested, but not approved, the team will leave at the original budgeted time and we will advise of the items not completed.

Exclusions Our Teams are not permitted to move China Cabinets, large heavy furniture, fridges or stoves and will therefore not clean behind them unless a homeowner can move these items for the team during service. Staff will be limited to clean under large furniture for as far as they can reach with their cleaning equipment. The following items are not included in any scope of service: Wall washing, taking apart appliances, taking apart light fixtures, chandeliers, removing and washing window screens, laundry service, hoarding situations, sorting or decluttering. Teams will not touch or clean under/around any drug paraphernalia. With the legalization of marijuana, we realize that this is your home, Teams have also been witness to increase bongs as well as other drugs and accessories. There is a very real danger to staff if they come into contact with Methamphetamines. For this reason alone, staff are not to touch anything drug related. We ask that drug paraphernalia be put away on your cleaning day. If they are left out, the area they are left on will not be cleaned.

Recurring Maintenance Services Your Recurring Maintenance Service, after the initial clean, is rated on sq ft and our rate of production and has a reduced rate based on frequency and rooms quoted in tidy condition that is ready for cleaning. Any additional areas/items including the cleaning/tidying of rooms not originally quoted needs to be arranged with our office prior to the service as additional fees will apply. Our team is not authorized to deviate from their work orders without prior approval from management. If a reduced rate cleaning is regularly rescheduled, we reserve the right to deny discounted flat rates as the discounts are established based on the consistency and frequency of service.

Vacation Time/Suspended Service Scheduled cleanings can be suspended for Clients while they take vacations or arrange to suspend services for other reasons. While the level of dirt will not change much while a client is away from the home for vacation time, we will strive to keep our maintenance cleaning time the same. When Service has been Suspended for a period of time while the home is occupied will result in dirt buildup in bathrooms, kitchen etc. it is normal that this will take more time to clean, prices will be charged on our hourly basis to get the home back to maintenance levels.

Invoicing We invoice all Residential Clients on the First Time Cleaning only.  On all future cleanings the price for the Maintenance Cleaning will be the same as in your written Quote. This reduces the time and cost of processing.  Payment can be left for the Cleaning Technician on the day of each cleaning in the form of Cheque or Cash, or the Client can eTransfer funds. 

If a Residential Client wants a Receipt for tax purposes, we can email your receipt at the same time each payment is entered into our Quickbooks system.  To reduce costs, our Bookkeeper is only in 2 days per week to process bills and payments. For Residential Clients that want to be invoiced each cleaning, there will be a $2.50 processing fee for each invoice.

We strive to go paperless where possible to reduce expenses.  For Residential and Commercial Clients who want paper Invoices or Paper Receipts mailed to them, there will be a $3 mail, processing and postage fee.  

All Commercial Clients will be invoiced monthly as per our individual contracts, with a Net 15 or Net 30 days as in their agreed upon Terms and Conditions. As a Small Business, we are unable to take on commercial clients requiring a Net 60 or Net 90 day payment.

Accessibility It is the Client/Home Owner's responsibility to ensure that all walkways, stairs and private driveways that are used to access the home are in safe condition for our staff to use and clear of obstructions.  Snow and ice removal are the Client's responsibility.  

Prepare for Maintenance Cleaning We understand that every home is different.  We also understand the rigorous demands that cleaning homes daily has on our staff's physical health.  While we do our best to get things caught up in your Deep Cleaning.  We kindly ask that the home be picked up and in ready condition for your Maintenance Cleaning.

Toys should be put in a toy box; clothing picked up off floors; all trash in the trash cans; dirty dishes should be put in the kitchen.  Not picking up will not only slow down our staff's progress of cleaning.  It puts the home into a Deep Cleaning classification.  Our staff are not paid for Deep Cleaning when they are scheduled for a Maintenance Cleaning. 

Deficiency in Cleanings While we do our best to make every home shine, we are only human and sometimes we will miss something. Clients have 24 hours after the cleaning to contact us so that we can come correct the error. If we do not hear from a Client within 24 hours of their cleaning, we will presume that the cleaning was satisfactory. We do not offer discounts or refunds on any cleanings due to errors. The timeliness of the complaint is important, as additional dirt will continue building up as each day passes.

Scheduled Cleanings Our best effort will be made to schedule the same team on a recurring service, however due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot promise the same team members on each visit.

Team Members Health & Safety For safety reasons, our Teams will not move heavy items unless they can be lifted/moved with one hand while vacuuming. Due to our insurance coverage, our staff are only allowed to clean what they can reach with a two-step stool/ladder and a pole duster. Climbing on counters or using client ladders is not permitted. Our staff are not permitted to clean bodily fluids of any kind, animal or human. (Urine, feces, vomit, soiled clothing or other similar hazards.) We do not touch litter boxes.

Manitoba Labour Laws have been updated to include that Employers must provide a smoke free work place environment with heavy fines as a consequence for non-compliance. Our staff are working inside your homes, this becomes their work place environment. Please refrain from smoking in the home during your cleanings. The Manitoba Labour Laws also restrict us from reducing a staff's work day without 24 hours notice. It is for this reason that all cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours before a scheduled cleaning. Failure to give appropriate notice will result in a Lockout/Cancellation fee being charged.

Arrival Times Due to the the nature of cleaning, we can't guarantee our exact time of arrival unless you are scheduled in the first appointment of the day. Our Teams will be arriving between the hours of 9:00 am and departing by 4:00 pm. We can only provide an estimated window in which to expect our cleaners. We do however, reserve the right to arrive earlier or later than the estimated window due to circumstances beyond our control. Such as weather, traffic conditions, cancellations etc.
Should we arrive for a scheduled service to find we are unable to access your home or we are turned away at the door; our $50 Lockout Policy will apply. We do not offer email, text or telephone reminders. When an appointment frequency is booked, you are expected to mark your calendar. If you should forget your scheduled appointment, you can call us to ask and we will gladly check our booking calendar.

Bad Weather Sometimes our winters have heavy snowfalls that do not permit travel. Many of our staff commute to work. When Transport Canada deems highway travel unsafe, we will cancel cleanings to keep our staff safe. In the event of inclement weather, we might not be able to reschedule all cleanings. We have only cancelled 2 times in the last 3 years.

During winter months, we would ask that client's keep their driveways and walkways cleared of snow so our Teams can carry in their gear to clean your home. We have had one icy walkway accident in the last 2 years that has cost us a very valuable cleaner. As a result, if a staff sees that the entry to a home is dangerously icy, the cleaning will be cancelled due to unsafe circumstances. When snow accumulation is too deep to safely carry gear into a client home, the cleaning will be cancelled and our $50 Lockout Policy will apply.

Lockout/Cancellation Policy A lockout/cancellation fee of $50 will be applied in the event that our team is unable to gain access to your home for any reason for the scheduled service. A lockout/cancellation fee will also be applied when less than 24 hours notice is given for any cancelled appointment.

Right of Refusal Diana's House Cleaning of Portage la Prairie reserves the right to turn down any job for any reason.

Price Increases We have annual price increases based on the current rate of inflation. When reserve the right to evaluate the service rates at any time. We will contact you to discuss price, current time and services provided.

Tips Tipping is optional. Please be sure that you mark any money left for the cleaner as 'Tip' so that they are assured that this is intended for them. Any over payment on an invoice will be considered a Tip for the cleaners. It will be processed through our payroll system, taxes will be deducted and it will be paid directly to the staff that did the cleaning.

Payment Is due on the day that services are provided. We accept cash, cheque or eTransfers at this time. All billing inquiries should be directed to our office and not the cleaning staff on site. An NSF charge of $50 will be applied for all dishonoured payments.

Collections Any account that goes into our Collections Department will be charged a $30 fee every thirty (30) days. Discount codes will not be eligible on over due accounts. If we need to take an account to Small Claims Court, the entire incurred expenses and court costs will be added to the over due total.

Holidays Diana's House Cleaning of Portage la Prairie will be closed on all Stat holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day,Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, and Christmas Day. If your regularly scheduled cleaning falls on one of these days, it will be rescheduled via email.

We are annually closed during the regularly scheduled school closure xmas break. This two week period changes dates with the calendar each year. If you require your business or home to be cleaned during this annual closure, please note that all bookings will be made subject to availability.

Quality Control We want our clients to be consistently happy with our work, for that reason we want to keep tabs on how you feel we are doing. Cleaning staff are instructed to drop off comment cards that can be mailed or left behind for them to pick up at the next cleaning. Please use this as your voice. Our staff receive their bonus's and raises based on feedback from our clients. We are human, so it is possible that we may make mistakes and miss things. You must notify us within 24 hours if you notice an error in your cleaning. We will return and fix it for you free of charge. We welcome suggestions to improve the quality of our cleaning service. We do not offer refunds for services provided.

Breakage/Damage Staff are trained and follow a timely procedure to communicate all breakage/damage with our office immediately so that we can advise the client as soon as possible In the event that there is damage to your property during cleaning that has not been reported, a report must be submitted within 48 hours of the service. All reports are to be submitted to with the the following information:

- What specifically was damaged

- A picture of the damage

- Fair market value of the damaged item

Unfortunately, if a report isn't filed within 48 hours of the date of service, we will be unable to file a claim and will not be able to pay for, fix or refund for damages caused.

Termination of Services: Service may be terminated at any time by either party for any reason. At least 2 full business days advance notice is required to cancel services, otherwise our late cancellation fee of $50 will apply.

Non-Solicitation Agreement: During the course of our service the client shall not solicit employment from any staff at Diana's House Cleaning. In the case of termination of this agreement, the client shall not solicit employment from any staff at Diana's House Cleaning for the duration of a 12 month period. Violation of the non-solicitation agreement will result in a $2,500 Recruitment and Training fee charged to the client, to be paid in full upon request.

Welcome to Diana's House Cleaning of Portage la Prairie, we look forward to providing you with our services.

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